The trading slots are the limits we put for trading accounts to control the risk of trading.
Every user can buy unlimited slots from any membership we have available at any given time.
One slot is when you purchase any of our memberships once only. It allows you to use our services for trading accounts from $0 to $3000. If you are willing to use our services for higher account balances then you will have to buy more slots of the chosen membership.

Here is an simple example:
You are willing to open an trading account with $15000. You have chosen our Gold membership. To be granted access to our services you have to buy 5 slots (5 times) from the golden membership. Alright so far so good. You have your trading account ready to go. You have verified it with us and you have purchased the 5 slots mentioned above. So what now? Let say you purchased the 5 slots on 3th of march. That means you will have access to our services for 1 month. Your membership will end on 3th of april. In that month your account for example have grow with 25% which is additional $3750 to your initial deposit. So now you have $18750 in your trading account. That means you will have to purchase one more slot within your next period because 18750/3000=6.xx. If you are willing to use our services from 4th of april to 4th of may with the amount that you have now ($18750) then you have to buy 6 slots from the golden membership.

Please keep in mind that it is all up to you how you manage your trading account. You can withdraw money from your trading account at any given time. Following the example above let say that you are willing to withdraw the earnings but keep the initial balance in. So you go to the broker and request a withdraw for $3750 (or any other amount) and you are now left with $15000 in your trading balance. So in april you will only need 5 slots from our golden membership in order to keep your access to our services because $15000/3000=5.

It is important to know that no matter what the only one who is able to withdraw money from your trading account is you. All withdrawals are done by visiting your account at the broker website. Also we do not have any control over withdrawals from the broker as well as deposits. You are 100% responsible for your actions in relation to the broker. The broker might apply withdrawal taxes and charges. Your relation with the broker is not related to us in any way. You must follow the broker terms of use and get familiar with all taxes and charges the broker might apply.