After successful registration at IC markets you have to contact us to verify your registration. The verification process might take up to 24-48 hours if no other issues were met.
Please share with us your trading account number and the name used to register at IC Markets. We will check with the broker if your registration went well.

You probably are asking yourself why do we need to verify your registration? Well… it is no secret that we earn extra money from the broker.  It is not much but they pay us commission for each lot that our users trade on their platform. For us that is like a bonus to the tax that you are paying to access our trades. Some other companies prefer to put higher prices on their packages but we dont. We prefer to set lower prices and get the difference from our trusted forex broker. This should also make you more comfortable because we get our commissions based on traded lots. That means if you stay active and trading for longer period then we will earn more commissions. While you profit and stay with us, we also profit. As we already stated on our home page… our business depends on you. Consider it as a win win situation.