AimUp Gold Plus

AimUp Gold Plus


With our membership package “Gold Plus” you will get access to our golden robot signals. The package length is 1 month. You can buy as many slots as you need according to your trading account balance. Use your preferred broker. See our FAQs if you are not sure how many slots you need.



Because we do value your choice we would like to give you the opportunity to choose your own trading broker. With this package, you can use our services with any broker of your choice.  We do not want to obligate you to do anything against your will. Purchasing this package will give you access to the all features of our golden membership package and you can use any broker you want.
The same advantages apply to golden plus members!

We would like to present to you our intelligent forex trading robot which is working fully automatically!

The golden robot is also monitored by experienced traders with 25+ years in total. The trading history shows that we gained 15% to 40% per month. We started monitoring its history for the past year. The robot is installed on our VPS with our copy trading software where we monitor it all the time. After you provide us with your trading account login details we will connect you with the system the first working day after you purchase our Gold Plus membership.

Our robot is using more than 15 trading strategies to find signals with minimal risk. The robot is smart but he doesn’t feel emotions! That can guarantee professional trading every time. He finds the right currency pair at the right time and he chooses the right amount of lots to trade with in order to be successful for you. The golden robot is also able to learn from his past mistakes. Our developers are doing their best to provide stable versions every month.

Stop working for money. Let your money work for you!

We understand that time is very precious for everyone and this is your way to make more time. Take a walk with your family somewhere in nature on vacation or share more time with your kids. Now you can effort the comfort of doing so. We will take care of the rest. Give us a try!

Our golden robot has proven its stability and reliability.

One of the biggest advantages is that you choose the lot size you want to trade with. You can let us know about the lot size by contacting us through email using our contact form. If you are not sure what a lot is or how to make proper money management then we recommend you to take some of our courses at our forex academy You can also find there free courses on how to work with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 if you are interested. We would like to remind you that to use our profitable signals you do not need to know any of this!

We do not promise you to become a millionaire but stable growth. Our professional traders are monitoring all trades for you.


– Your choice of forex broker
– On request, you can change the lot size you want to trade with
– No prior trading experience needed
– No monitoring needed
– No more complicated systems
– No monthly fees for VPS
– Hand-free
– Free time for family and friends
– Good amount of return on investment (better than banks)
– 24/5 access to your trading account
– You can deposit and withdraw money from your trading account any time you need
– We provide email support to all of our members
– Trusted and reliable forex signals
– Automatically executed forex trading signals
– Forex Copy System for MT4/MT5
– Low Drawdown

– Gain +1,810,49%
– Drawdown 9,2%
– Trades: 1009
– Pips: 20.920
– Profit Trades: 84%
– Loss Trades: 16%
– Avg. Trade Time: 1 day
– Lots: 81,55
– Profit Factor: 8.67
– Daily: 0.84%
– Monthly: 29,77%
– Trades Per Month 94
– Expectancy:20.7 Pips / $13.76
– Trading activity: 97.5%
– Real time Myfx monitoring with live statistics:

The golden plus membership package will provide you 1 month of access. To extend your access you will have to purchase it again next month.
This package can be used by members who want to use our services with their forex trading broker.
If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us right after you check our FAQs.


You no longer need to be a professional forex trader to make money from the global currency trading market. All you have to do is buy one of our membership packages. The rest you leave to us!


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